why water?

why water?

  • I woke up this morning – splashed water on my face to wipe away the sleep.
  • I boiled water to make coffee.
  • I brushed my teeth, using water from the tap.
  • I filled my water bottle as I headed to workout.
  • I took a shower when I got home and had hot water.

Clean Water for the World believes that clean water is a human right.

Imagine how your morning would be different if you lived in another country:

  • Water is not tapped to your house — you have to walk to collect water — at least 30 minutes.
    • Even if you have running water, you cannot drink from the tap.
  • Water is not safe to drink — you have to boil it — at least 20 minutes.
    • No gas or electric stove? Gotta collect wood to do that, too.
  • Want a hot bath? Gotta boil that!
  • Want hot coffee? Gotta boil that, too! (But longer than the norm for purified water).
  • Brush your teeth? Splash water on your face in the morning? Fill up your bottle before heading out?
    • That all takes time — longer than you want to spend.

CWFW wants to bring clean water to those without access. Will you help us?