How the Unit Works

Clean Water for the World has developed a simple, adaptable system that has the capacity to provide water for a community of up to 600 persons with a capacity of purifying water at 5 gallons per minute (300 gallons/hour).

  1. Hose to Water Source: Contaminated water enters from source, under pressure or gravity-fed, through a hose or PVC pipe into a 5-micron filter.
  2. Filter: The 5-micron filter removes all particulates that are present in the water.
  3. Solenoid: As a safety device, the solenoid is designed to permit water to flow through only when the UV lightbulb is on and working to completely purify the water.
  4. U-V Light Chamber: Housed in a glass sleeve (quartz tube) to keep it dry, the UV light destroys bacteria and viruses present in the water as it passes through the chamber.
  5. Faucet: The water then flows through the faucet, purified and safe to drink.
  6. Ballast: Functioning as the counter, the ballast energizes the UV lightbulb, signaling when something is not functioning correctly with the purifier.