Provide a Purifier


Meet Fabienne. Her parents worried if she would be able to attend school because she had diarrhea every month due to the contaminated water in the community’s well. Since the purifier has been installed in Thomazeau, Haiti, Fabienne has not missed a day of school and loves to learn.


The CWFW Water Purifier serves a community of up to 600 people.

$1050 – Install a 110-volt water purifier in rural communities in Central America.

$1050 – Install a 220-volt water purifier in rural communities in Africa and India.

$1800 – Install a solar purifier in remote areas without electricity, including Haiti.

Purifier Parts

Purifier prices include wholesale costs of parts, shipping and installation costs. Solar purifiers require 12-volt D Cell Battery and must be replaced annually. In some areas in Haiti, for example, a Lift Pump is required to draw water up from the source to run through the purifier.

$100 – Share of a Purifier

$150 – 12 volt  D Cell Battery

$300 – Lift Pump