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Our partners in Guatemala and El Salvador drive all over the countryside to visit remote villages. The Water Promotors use their own vehicles, public transportation, or motorcycles to visit and maintain purifiers installed in the communities.

José Lopez in El Salvador is a volunteer who works for a local telecommunications company. In his spare time, he is a Clean Water for the World Water Promotor. He, along with his father, with the help of Ben Ciuffa, have installed 30+ purifiers throughout San Salvador and the surrounding communities. His 19-year-old vehicle gets him around to visit these communities, but often breaks down.

Asociación Unidos por la Vida is a partner in Guatemala work with 50+ communities to maintain and install purifiers. The 2 water promotors use motorcycles to visit communities. These motorcycles are shared with other community workers who viist communitis to do health promotion.

Both are in need of additional transportation to do their great work even better.

Will you join us in making their work even better?

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