El Salvador

CIS – Centro de Intercambio y Solidaridad / Center of Exchange and Solidarity – Leslie Schuld, Luis Aguillon

  • Centro de Intercambio y Solidaridad (CIS) or Center for Exchange and Solidarity was founded in 1993 after the Peace Accords were signed in El Salvador. They serve as a host site for solidarity groups to come work with community development projects, particularly those focused on women empowerment and youth, while serving numerous communities, providing English and Spanish classes, scholarships for high school and university students and much much more.

José Lopez

  • José Lopez joins us through longtime friend of Clean Water, Ben Ciuffa. Ben and José teamed up to install water purifiers in schools throughout the metro area of San Salvador. José is a volunteer water promotor who works with Clean Water on his days off during the week and maintains all 30+ water purifiers that he has installed since 2009.



ASUVI – Asociación Unidos por la Vida / United for Life Association – Jorge Castro, Miguel Ambrosia, Martín

  • Asociación Unidos por la Vida (ASUVI) or Association United for Life was formerly known as Caritas, a Catholic Charities organization in the Department (State) of Quiché in Guatemala. ASUVI continues on the work of accompanying communities in their development projects, water and sanitation programs, preventative and curative health care education, and youth participation and community strengthening.



Hands & Hearts for Haiti

Friends of Haiti – Jean Maurisset