A Short History

Since 1995, the co-founders of Clean Water For The World, Judy and Jerry Bohl of Otsego, Michigan have traveled to El Salvador with delegations to establish relationships with the people in their church’s sister parish in a very marginalized neighborhood. The delegates were warned about drinking the water or getting it on a cut. They are given bottled water, while the locals drink the water from the taps. It was particularly devastating to see young children drink that contaminated water.

What Can We Do About That?

Jerry began researching options – all of which were VERY expensive. Then Judy read an article in a newsletter from Rochester Institute of Technology and their trials in Haiti with a small Ultra Violet Light system. They met with the professor and his student and were given their blessing to take their basic idea and “run with it”. Several years, and much tweaking later, we have a water purification system that is relatively inexpensive, portable, uses very little electricity, has good output for communities (up to 5 gallons per minute), and is very, very effective.

And so, what began as “The Water Project” in 2003, turned into the bonafide nonprofit Clean Water For The World, in 2007, when an acquaintance, Paul Flickinger approached the Bohls with the idea of applying for nonprofit status and he, then, became our first executive director. Clean Water For The World now has units in communities in developing countries around the world.