Clean Water For The World…

…is a nonprofit organization seeking to provide simple, adaptable water purification systems, at no charge, to communities without access to potable water.

Communities interested in appying for a water purification unit must meet the criteria below:

•Population of 300 to 600 people. This is the capacity of a single system.

•A source for water.

•Install the purifier in a safe, public building with minimal security: school, clinic, hospital or community center.

•Appoint a reliable person or persons from the community who will accept responsibility for bi-monthly maintenance.

  • The system has a cotton paper filter that needs to be changed every 1 - 2 months.
  • The system includes a canister that contains a 24 watt Ultraviolet light enclosed in a glass sleeve that needs to be cleaned each time the filter is changed. These are very simple procedures.
  • A two year supply of consumables comes with the system.
  • Consumables are restocked every 2 years by Clean Water For The World.

•Support of the local government, community elders, or council to be on board for the project.
•A source of electricity is preferred, but these systems can run with hand pumps, generators or solar power.
•Agreement that the water must be given FREELY to anyone who needs it.
•Agree that there will be no profit made from the use of this unit or from the clean water it supplies. It cannot be sold, bartered, or traded.
•Submit a request via online form (below) or mail-in form.
•Fill out all necessary paperwork.

In order for your community to qualify to receive a water purifier, FREE, from Clean Water For the World, you must:

Clean Water for the World
353 19th Street
Otsego, MI 49078